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Company Profiles   check
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Trademark Database   check
Spinemarket Reports   check
Price $25/mth or $300/yr $3,950/year

  • Email News Alerts subscribers receive email news alerts with the news of the day.
  • News Archives allows subscribers to search and access historical News Archives which include summaries and analysis of all company conference calls.
  • Regulatory Approval Database is a searchable database of 510(k) clearance and PMA information from 1998 to the present. Updated each month.
  • Company Profiles includes company contact and product portfolio information.
  • Product Search allows you to easily identify competitors and products in the various market segments in which you compete. Product information includes hot links to pricing information from Orthopedic Network News for more than 300 products from 30 companies.
  • Patent Database search more than 8,500 (as of Mar-09) issued and published spine-related patents by keyword, type (nucleus replacement, interspinous spacer, total disc ), company and/or date range. Updated weekly.
  • Trademark Database search trademarks by keyword, company and/or date. Updated weekly.
  • Spinemarket Reports which include market share and market growth analysis, trademark and patent reports and more with additional reporting added throughout the year.
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